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Staying Safe – 5 Things You Should Do

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Living downtown is an awesome experience, with so much cool stuff to do and awesome new people to meet, but while you love the city vibe it’s important to keep an eye on your personal safety. Crime and accidents can happen anywhere, but by taking a few steps you can prevent bad experiences and make your time in digz happy and safe – here are some great safety tips to remember.

  1. Avoid Accidents

Living by yourself or sharing accommodation means that you’re responsible for keeping yourself and your roomies safe. Make sure you prevent accidents in your apartment by following these tips:

  • Check that your stove is off when you finish cooking – stove plates that are left on can start fires faster than you think!
  • Don’t use appliances near water – balancing a toaster over the sink? Bad Idea! (Yes, somebody actually did that).
  • Don’t overload your plugs – you should only connect three appliances to any one plug using double adapters, and don’t connect heaters to the same plug as other appliances.
  1. Lock your door

This sounds like an obvious one, but a lot of South African students who report missing items to campus security end up admitting that their rooms were left open! Keep your door locked, and your stuff will be safe.

  1. Be Streetwise

Like any big city, Jozi has its share of pickpockets and other dodgy peeps – keep your eyes open when you walk to and from varsity, and report anyone who looks suspicious to security. Don’t talk to random strangers or buy stuff from guys who stand on street corners, and be confident when you walk around town – you should be just fine.

  1. Watch your gadgets

Smartphones and tablets are the number one things that get stolen from students – keep them out of sight! If you carry a tablet or laptop to classes, get yourself a cover for it and keep it in a regular backpack, not a laptop bag. Your phone should stay in your pocket or bag, and shouldn’t be visible.

  1. Look out for other people

If you see someone in trouble, call security or the cops – but don’t get involved! By looking out for each other, we make the city safer and a better place to live.

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