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Cooking for Beginners

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So you’ve moved into your awesome digz, but you can’t cook to save your life? No problem! Even if you’ve never boiled an egg, this quick guide to cooking will get you started!

Your first time in the kitchen

If you’re freaking out because you’ve never cooked, take it easy – cooking isn’t that hard! First of all, you’ve seen your parents or other people cooking hundreds of times before, and if you still have a week or two to spare, your mom may be the perfect person to teach you! If not, here are some basic cooking skills you’ll need:

  • Use the right stuff – you should have a frying pan, one or two pots, a couple of knives, a chopping board, and some cutlery for eating. You’ll also need a colander (that big metal bowl thing with holes in it for draining pasta and washing veggies) and some spoons and lifters for cooking.
  • Chop carefully! – Before you try your TV chef act, remember that kitchen knives can be dangerous! Chop slowly and hold your knife firmly to avoid any accidents. Remember that chopping veggies into smaller pieces can speed up cooking time.
  • Avoid a mess – Cooking can cause a major mess, and your roomies won’t be cool with cleaning up for hours after you hit the kitchen! Put down some old newspaper on the counter and do all your chopping, peeling and preparation on top of that – once you’re done you can just fold it up to catch all the peels and other waste, and throw it in the bin – kitchen clean! Oh, and don’t forget to pick up anything that falls on the floor!

Easy recipes

We’ll be focussing on easy recipes and cooking methods in our next blog post, but for now you can visit this site for some easy student recipes – have an awesome time cooking!

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