Switching majors – it’s not such a bad thing

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Things are not always what they seem to be. At times, the course you undertake may not be as cracked up as you hoped. Perhaps you accepted your study program under duress. Whatever the reason, there may come a time when you are considering changing majors.

Experts argue that changing majors and/or your career path, may not be a reflection of failure, but rather one of the best decisions you can ever make.

Factors that may inspire you to switch majors

Those in the know have highlighted the factors below as strong causes for concern and indicators that it may be time to switch. It is also important to first make the mental connection that the switch does not indicate that things are falling apart, but rather that they are coming together, as they should be.

So when exactly do you know that it is time to strongly consider switching majors or to hang in there and stick it out?

  • You downright hate your current major and are finding no joy in it
  • You’re constantly thinking about changing majors
  • You have no motivation to continue studying what you are studying
  • You’re an under performer because you’re bored
  • You realise that you were disillusioned about the career path this line of studies will lead to
  • You’ve had a complete change of heart and mind about pursuing a career in this line of work
  • You are disinterested in this career path and don’t enjoy it
  • You only accepted the career path because you were offered funding, but have no passion for it
  • You are drowning in indecision

If you find yourself at a crossroad, remember that you don’t need to go through it alone. There are people all around you who care. Find a counsellor, speak to a trusted adult or friend, reach out. It is okay to not be okay. It is all good and well to be confused about what you want to pursue for the rest of your life. Many people still don’t know what they should be doing in their mid 30s!

Be kind to yourself. Everything will be okay. Fear not dear student. Things are simply coming together. Welcome to a bright start to the rest of your life.

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