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Sustainable Fashion: How to Embrace it in 2020

By Jan 31, 2020 No Comments

sustainable fashionThe buzz word when it comes to social media fashion trends is sustainable fashion. It is part of the endeavours taken towards pushing for a greener environment. What exactly is entailed by this is however questionable. Without letting the cat out of the bag too soon, let’s just say it goes beyond promoting local production, organic material and surely transcends further than wearing recycled plastic and bottle-top clothes.

Climate change

Green is the new black. It is a lifestyle worth pursuing throughout all facets of life, including fashion. As it stands, researchers estimate that fashion contributes to nearly 10% of greenhouse gases. The fashion industry is something that affects the world at large, and as consumers, we can take a stand to call for education, relevant life skills and the incorporation of sustainable fashion.

When one thinks of carbon hotspots, we are quick to think of cars emitting too much carbon and powerplants, with little thought of the mills where fibre is spun into yarn, which is weaved into the fabric that makes our clothes.

You have rights and responsibilities, and they include knowing where your clothes come from. Furthermore, you could make it your moral duty to call for uncooperative fashion houses to lower their carbon footprints at mills and adopt greener, more energy-efficient ways.

Labour rights for all – including women and the previously disadvantaged

As it stands, it is common knowledge that women still tend to be paid less than their male counterparts. This is often the same for garment workers – the majority of whom are women. It is not just a problem in Mzansi, but across the globe.

Salary scales in the fashion industry are grossly imbalanced and sustainable fashion involves adopting a fair lifestyle and raising the banner for equal labour rights for all. This includes standing against child labour and exploitations of all kinds.

Fashion is synonymous with beauty – a beauty that stems from the outside-in. True beauty should by no means cost the world. The fabrics, work ethics and styles we opt for, need to elevate our bodies and do their bit in minimising harm to the environment.

This world is all we have, and we need to do our part to spread beauty to self – the ones who create it and the world at large.

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