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Surviving Grief

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Grief is an emotion we all experience at some time in our lives, and it’s one of the most difficult feelings to cope with. Losing a beloved family member, friend or pet are all natural causes of grief. What few people realise though is that less obvious reasons, like moving away from our family, ending a relationship or having to let go of a treasured possession or a dream we had for ourselves can also trigger this intense emotion.

Whatever the cause, there are some things that can help:

Feel your feelings

The more you tell yourself you’re being ridiculous or pathetic, the less you’ll process your emotions and the longer it will take for the worst to pass. Rather allow yourself to feel what you’re feeling and cry if you need to. Grief often goes hand-in-hand with other emotions, like anger, guilt, regret or resentment; so don’t be surprised if some of those come up too.

Express them

If you have an understanding family member or friend you can talk through your feelings with, then do that and accept all the love and hugs you may be offered. Otherwise see a counsellor or look around for a support group, either physical or online, so you can share what you’re going through with others who understand. It’s enormously validating when you realise you’re not alone and that grief is a normal human response to losing someone or something.

Process what you’re going through

Another good way to process your emotions and thoughts is to start a journal. It gives you a routine to support you, and a place to write out your confusion, sadness, rage or fear, and/or everything you want to remember about who or what you’ve lost.

Look after yourself

Grief can be extremely stressful and your body may be taking strain. Pay attention to any physical symptoms like insomnia, high blood pressure or overwhelming exhaustion, and do what you can to manage them. Breathe deeply, try to eat reasonably well, exercise moderately and consider a natural supplement like Tranquilyte or Rescue Remedy to help you relax and sleep.

Allow yourself to work through everything you’re experiencing, and don’t try to rush it or pretend everything is fine. The only thing that can help to heal grief is time. Give yourself that.

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