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How to Survive Winter on a Student Budget

By May 25, 2018 No Comments

As the cold air creeps in, the costs associated with irresistible winter-warming comforts start stacking up. Many students will start to wonder how they’re going to make it into spring on such a tight budget. Here are our top tips to help get you there.

Make the Right Cuts

While that brand new onesie might seem like a winter-time essential, is it really? A cheaper blanket is sure to work just as well. While that piping hot Seattle Coffee latte sounds like a dream, a cheap homemade cuppa or a rich milky hot chocolate will warm you up just as quickly. In short, don’t spend on winter luxuries when you can get the same result from winter basics. Those extra costs can add up very, very quickly.

Plan Your Meals

Much to the surprise of many students, cooking during winter can actually cost a whole lot less than cooking during summer. That’s because you can make cheap one-pot meals like stews, soups and casseroles. Not only are the ingredients for these dishes a lot more affordable, the dishes themselves go a long way. Bigger portions are easy to freeze or to keep in the fridge to munch on for lunch the next day.

Stay In

We all enjoy a night out at the club but, let’s face it, doing so can take a big chunk out of our sparse student budgets. With this in mind, let the winter chill motivate you to stay in instead. Invite your friends over and watch a movie, have a games night or, if you’re feeling studious, why not get stuck into a snack-filled study sesh!

Keep an Eye on Electricity

While you’re likely to be snuggled up on the couch in front of the TV a lot more often than you would during the summer months, the good news is that you probably won’t move from that spot all that much. This means that you can save on electricity costs in other ways, such by having fewer lights on at any given time, a warm blanket to cuddle in and fleecy slippers to keep those toes toasty.

See? Surviving winter on a student budget needn’t be all that difficult. Chill! As long as you plan ahead and remain conscious of when you’re spending and on what, the warmer months will be here again before you know it and you might even have some change to spare when they arrive.

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