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Summer stripes and your body type

By August 27, 2018 No Comments

While one may argue that classic stripes never actually went out of fashion, the point is that they’re now more popular than ever! Celebrities, like the stunning Meghan Markle, are going nuts for the trend and it’s time you did too. Here’s how to pull off summer stripes according to your body type.

Broad Shoulders

If you have shoulders that are broader than your hips, the best way to wear stripes is to wear them on your bottom half. Horizontal stripes will give the impression of stronger curves, thus helping to even out your figure and create an hourglass effect.

Broad Hips

If you have broader hips and slimmer shoulders, do the exact opposite. Wear horizontal stripes on your top half and keep your bottom half simple with a one-tone pencil skirt or well-fitted jeans.


If you’re very slim and feel as though you’re lacking in the curve department, stripes can help to create the illusion of fuller breasts and a bigger booty. Horizontal stripes of varying widths are great choices. A stripy maxi dress is ideal for summertime, especially if you have the height to carry it off with confidence.


Tend to carry extra weight in your tummy? If so, it is better to steer clear of horizontal stripes. Vertical stripes will make it possible for you to streamline your shape and look slimmer, without having to go on a diet. Darker colours are also very flattering on you. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the more vibrant hues that are also super trendy this season.


So, you already have the classic feminine body type that all the other girls are trying to emulate. Good for you! You’re lucky to be able to wear pretty much any stripy item in the shop. Take your pick – just don’t forget to accessorise with a waist belt to emphasise your figure even more!

We want to see your favourite stripy items! Post your fashionista pics on the Student Digz Facebook page for the world to see just how stylish you are this summer. You got this, girl!

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