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Summer Salads that won’t break the bank

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Summer is here – time to enjoy eating all of those delicious salads. Not only are summer salads a healthy addition to any meal, they’re also not too pricey if you use simple ingredients and get creative with what you already have in your kitchen.

The other great thing about summer? Ice cream and frozen sweet treats! Yum!

As the days begin to heat up, fresh food that is light and tasty is what you’re going to be craving. We have a few ideas for cheap treats to tingle your tastebuds, that won’t break the bank:

Basic garden salad (with your own unique twist)

All you need for a garden salad is some lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber and onion. A word of advice – don’t buy that fancy frilly lettuce – it may look pretty but iceberg lettuce is cheaper and is actually crunchier and far more delicious. Add whatever other fresh veggies you have available to give your salad interesting flavours and textures.

Good additions include raw green beans, raw or lightly steamed broccoli and bean sprouts. For extra flavour throw in some cheese. Cheddar, Gouda, Feta – it doesn’t matter, so long as it tastes good and some nuts for crunch!

Potato salad

There probably isn’t anything easier to make than a potato salad, and it’s one of the most affordable salads too! Just peel and chop potatoes, boil until soft, and then mix the cooled potatoes with mayonnaise. Finely chopped spring onions (or even a normal onion) add another dimension of flavour. Our tip – make sure that the potatoes are well cooled before thoroughly coating, but not dripping them, in mayonnaise.

For extra ‘extra’ flavour, add finely chopped hard-boiled egg, and chopped parsley to your potato salad.

Make your own salad dressing

Store bought salad dressings are expensive, so make your own! The basic 2 ingredients of salad dressing are oil and vinegar. Simply mix equal quantities of the 2, shake it up, and voila! Add in fresh chopped herbs, or dry herbs to taste. You can also substitute vinegar with lemon juice.

Frozen watermelon kebabs

Watermelon is a fruit that just screams summer… but it can be messy to eat. You can solve this problem – and impress your friends with a healthy and cheap desert – by chopping watermelon into chunks, threading onto kebab skewers, and freezing.

Mix it up by adding other soft juicy fruit to your kebabs, such as pineapple, ripe pears or strawberries. Frozen fruit tastes just as divine as ice cream – but without all of the added sugar and fat.

What are your favourite summer salad ideas? Let us know!

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