Summer Insta fashion 2018/2019

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Instagram – fondly known as Insta – is filled with fashion bloggers who actively help to shape trends. From new inventions to come-back fashion; Insta trends are making waves. Here are dope summer Insta fashion 2018/2019 fashion trends, we love.

Double denim

Believe it or not, double denim is making a comeback. Style it in different shades of denim and accessorise with cool sunglasses, heels or sneakers. Don’t just think of your denim trousers and a denim jacket. Pair the denim pants with a denim clutch bag or your denim jacket with denim boots.

The check blazer

The check blazer is insta trending right now. Style this look down with jeans or elevated with formal gear, or wear the check blazer over a dress, formal shirt or casual t-shirt. It oozes style, elegance and sophistication all at once.

Downright nasty trainers

Yep, ugly trainers are in this season. They work best when worn with plain colours. For example, you can wear grey yoga pants and a grey t-shirt or a black tracksuit; then add the ugly trainers as a statement piece. It is an eye-boggling, look-at-me hot fashion style you’ve got to try out.

Summer is the time to reinvent yourself. Blossom inside and let it overflow into your fashion style. Social media influencers like Insta fashion bloggers are setting trends ablaze. Check it out from time to time as you never know what fashion trends you could love. Don’t get left behind.

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