Study decisions – How do you choose the right course, for you?

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When choosing the best course for their future, most students worry about one thing. Do they follow their heart and choose to study something that they know they’ll love and already have a passion for? Or do they choose to study something that they’re pretty sure they’re good at and that will likely bring in the bigger bucks once they eventually graduate and get a job?

Freaking out? Take a moment (or three) and read through our top tips for making the right decision. With our advice, you might just be able to avoid those niggling regrets in the long run.

Job Shadow

If you’re stuck between several choices, what better way to make up your mind than by finding out first-hand what’s really crackalackin’ in the industry.

  • Want to be a vet? Go to your local veterinarian and ask if you can spend a day watching him do what he does best.
  • Perhaps you want to be a chef? Head to Chesanyama, order your usual braai box and try your luck by asking the manager if you can shadow the chefs for a day.
  • Does crunching numbers rock your world? Perhaps not as easy to find that shadow but send your CV out to a few investment or insurance companies, you never know what’s available until you ask.

In doing a job shadow placement you will get a feel for the job and discover whether or not it really is, in fact, what you want to do.

Do Your Research

This goes without saying… but involves more than simply reading up on the course itself. Do your research on what the people in each specific industry that you’re interested in are earning:

  • Check out this great South African website to find out what you are worth.
  • Find out how many job opportunities there are by visiting job portals, like PNet, and doing a keyword search.
  • Look into the different types of jobs that you will be able to do after graduating from the course. Ask students who are already studying a specific course whether or not they believe they made the right choice, and why.
  • Visit the campus bookstore and page through some of the textbooks for better insight into what the course itself will actually entail.

Once you have gathered all of this important info, you will be able to draw up a pretty phat (literally) pros and cons list that will help to make the decision a lot more clear-cut.

Think about Your Future

The course that you study will determine a lot about your future. So before you take the plunge and sign up for one, ask yourself essential questions like; ‘Do I want to be able to work overseas when I’m done studying?’. If the answer is ‘yes’, then you need to make sure that the course and tertiary institution at which you’re studying is internationally recognised. ‘How long will it take me to earn the amount of money that I want to be earning?’. While everyone needs to work their way up the ladder, it is easier to do so in certain professions. This is another consideration to keep in mind.

At the end of the day, choosing the best course needs to be a decision that you make after much thought and planning. So don’t get it twisted and make it on a whim! It could mean the difference between a bright, prosperous future and that infamous thug life you’re always hearing about (which sounds cooler than it really is, trust us!).

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