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Student Life Resolutions that Fail Every Time

By Mar 12, 2018 No Comments

new year student resolutionsAs epic as student life can be, there’s no doubt that there are many challenges that you will be faced with along the way. From effectively managing your student budget and finding and keeping a part time job to staying ahead in terms of your actual studies and course work, student life resolutions are hard to manage.

Perhaps you made a few New Year’s resolutions at the beginning of the semester in an effort to streamline your #studentlife – and no doubt your intentions were extremely noble at the time. But, let’s be honest, most of our resolutions generally turn into #epicfails, right? Beware of these top 3 student life resolutions that seem to flop no matter how hard we try to stick to them!

Staying Ahead with Readings

There’s nothing better than walking into a lecture feeling prepared. That’s probably why you were determined to do all of your readings ahead of time at the beginning of 2018, and probably did for at least a few days. Until you faltered and chose to watch Netflix and chill instead. Now you’re lucky if you even do them at all! Oh well. Even if you don’t know what the lecturer is going on about, at least you can fill your mates in on the latest happenings in the world of Stranger Things.

No More All-Nighters

A decent night’s sleep is worth the extra bit of planning, and avoiding all procrastination is easy if you stay focused. Right? Maybe for the first few weeks of the semester! We’re sure that the vast majority of you have already started burning the midnight oil all over again. Oh well. All-nighters are part of the varsity experience, after all. Aren’t they?

Putting More Effort into Your Appearance

After pulling an all-nighter, even just rolling out of bed and pulling on a pair of pants can seem like too much effort. But this year, you probably planned to actually put some thought into how you look whenever you walk onto campus. That probably lasted, what? A day, a week? Oh well. It’s what’s inside that matters anyway, isn’t it? At least you showed up to the lecture!

The bottom line? #Studentlife resolutions are difficult to keep. However, just because you waver, doesn’t mean that you should stop trying all together! Who knows? Maybe next week you’ll show up on campus sans the trademark bags under your eyes, in an outfit that’s totally ‘on fleek’, and ready to impress in the lecture hall. Or maybe not. Oh well. There’s always next year, right?

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