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Which Student Job Is Right for You?

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Student Jobs

Many students find they have to take a part-time job.  Even if you have a full bursary or scholarship, you’ll probably need a little extra cash for movies and going out with friends.

Don’t worry if you don’t fancy the idea of working at a fast-food restaurant, though – there are a myriad options out there, and you’re bound to find something that suits your lifestyle and interests.

Check out our list below, to see whether you want to be a:

  • Waiter:  Waiters can make quite a bit in tips.  Try to find a restaurant that allows you to work day, rather than evening, shifts, unless you’re one of those people who don’t need a lot of sleep!  A coffee shop is usually a good bet.
  • Au pair:  The great thing about being a nanny or babysitter is the flexibility.  Depending on the family you work for, you can make quite a good hourly rate, too.  Best of all, you can use the time when the kids are sleeping or otherwise engaged to study.
  • Bookseller:  Are you a bookworm?  Working in a bookstore is generally tranquil, and your colleague are likely bookworms, too, so you’ll get to make friends with like-minded people.
  • Online English teacher:  If you have an uncapped internet connection and good English skills, why not do an internet search for international language teaching schools?  Using Skype or other digital communication software, you can teach English as a foreign language to students around the world.
  • Junior or high school tutor:  Many children and teenagers need one-on-one coaching in school subjects they struggle with, and, as a private tutor, you can help them while making some good money, too.  You can find private clients online or join a tutoring company which finds clients for you.

If none of these appeal to you, don’t despair.  There are usually a lot of jobs available on campus.  Check with your student employment office for library assistant, research assistant, IT support or tutoring jobs.

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