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Street Food the Jozi Way

By Jul 25, 2018 No Comments

Winter is all about comfort food. Think cheesy tacos, spicy bunny chows, juicy burgers and fried chicken – street food at its finest (thank goodness for all of those layers of clothing concealing the extra padding that these foods are sure to add to our waist lines!).

If the idea of actually getting this type of food directly from street vendors, whose hygiene standards can be slightly questionable, is enough to put you off the idea entirely, fear not.

The great news is that the street food trend has been spreading like wild-fire, and you can now get your hands on this type of nosh at various eccentric, yet affordable, restaurants around the city. We highlight three of our favourites below.


This is a family-run restaurant with plenty of amazing dishes on offer. There’s no doubt that shawarmas are the order of the day, but you’ll also be able to sink your teeth into meaty kebabs, grills, platters and freshly baked bread.

Located on the corner of 7th Street & 3rd Avenue, Melville, the restaurant has a classic street-food style vibe from an aesthetics perspective and is a must if you’re looking to enjoy something different with friends.


This Mexican-inspired café, located at 262 Corner Main Street and Kruger Street, is a Maboneng hot-spot that has also embraced hearty, comforting street-food. The options on offer include cheesy fries and boerie rolls. It’s the perfect mix of Mexican and African favourites. Despite the generous portions, you’re pretty much guaranteed to order seconds.


You’ll find the City Centre Food Hall at 85 Commissioner Street, just opposite Jozi’s infamous Rand Club. Back in the day, it was Barclays Bank’s South African headquarters, but now it’s where you’ll find your fix of a myriad of eclectic street foods derived from a number of different cuisines. Depending on the day, you’ll likely enjoy a selection of dim sum, croissants, doughnuts, burgers and curries, to name a few.

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