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How to be still and do absoloutely nothing

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You know that feeling when everything in your life seems to be rotating, flapping and crashing fast around you? On that day when you can barely find your breath and are not too sure which way is forward or which is backwards? A day when you seek the stillness. Here are some top tips on how to be still.

Doing versus being

As humans we often get so consumed in doing, rather than simply being. We want to achieve this and that. There is always some to-do list either in an app or psyche that we are desperately trying to tick-off. It never stops. In order to embrace stillness, you need to be content with just being.


What would happen if you set aside 15 – 45 minutes every single day of your life to do nothing? Forget meditation or planning, simply take time out every day to do nothing. You will most likely find it really uncomfortable to do this when you start out.

Try it until this practice of nothingness becomes part of your daily life. Calm your mind and be okay with practising nothingness.

What stillness is not

  • a prayer
  • meditation
  • contemplation
  • laziness
  • automatic
  • finding a solution in your head
  • boredom
  • planning

Stillness is not intuitive… It doesn’t just happen

It takes work and a conscious effort to practice stillness. It does not just happen, especially in our worlds with all the social media and fast paced lifestyles. You need to learn to pay attention and be willing to try it with an open mind.

Resist the urge to get tied down in the technical aspects of stillness. You can practice it even in a crowded place or when there’s noise and pressure all around. It is like a reset button. Quiet your mind. For in the nothingness of stillness, is everything.

It is not a new concept. Even in Biblical times, the Psalmist wrote in Psalm 46:10: “Be still and know that I am God.” In stillness you know Life. For both religious and non-religious people, time and time again, stillness proves to be invaluable to being.

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