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Staying in Shape – Why it Matters

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Staying in Shape

Staying in Shape

Have you been enjoying those campus takeaways just a little too much, or haven’t had time to exercise because you’re just too busy studying (or partying)? Student life can take you on a wild ride sometimes, and you might think that you have no time to stay in shape – but you do!

Here are some reasons why fitness is important for students, and some sneaky ways you can stay in shape without even trying!

Why is fitness so important?

If you don’t hit the gym or track very often, you’re probably wondering what all this fitness stuff is about – why should you exercise when you look good anyway? Well, there are a few reasons why exercise is super important for students – here are just a few:

  • It’s good for your brain – regular exercise helps your brain to function better by making sure it receives plenty of oxygen through your blood stream. Students who are in good shape may be able to concentrate better, making it easier to succeed at varsity.
  • It relieves stress – had a bad test or a heavy workload this week? Exercise will help you to relieve stress and built-up tension! You’ll feel better and be able to focus on more important thoughts when you’re finished exercising.
  • You’ll look awesome – nobody would say no to the perfect body, and with regular exercise you’ll be looking finer by the day! Staying in shape and looking good will give you confidence and boost your self-esteem.

Exercise made easy

So, you’re game for a bit of exercise? The good news is that you don’t have to spend hours on a treadmill to enjoy a good workout. Most campuses have a gym and pool, which are great ways to exercise – especially in summer when swimming is a great way to cool off after class.

If you’re not the gym type, you can join one of your varsity’s sports clubs – they usually cater for people of all levels, so don’t worry about the competition if you’re not a jock! You’ll learn a new sport, meet awesome peeps, and stay in shape at the same time!

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