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Stay on Track in 2021 with These 4 Must-Have Products

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must-have productsGeared up for the New Year and ready to make it the best one yet – or, at the very least, significantly better than 2020? Good for you! In an effort to support you in setting and achieving your goals, we have put together a list of tried and trusted must-have products for students in 2021… and they are all just a few clicks away on Takealot.

A bullet journal

Bullet journaling is set to be a massive trend this year, so hop on board and invest in a bullet journal now! But wait. What is bullet journaling exactly? It is an approach to planning, reflection, and meditation that has been proven to help boost organisation and to help keep stress levels manageable. It involves detailing goals, thoughts, and daily to-dos in an easy-to-read bullet-point format. You can also customise each page in your bullet journal with stencils, coloured fine liners, and washi tape.

This bullet journaling set has everything that you need to get started:

A collage frame

A fancy collage frame is more than just a lovely piece of décor for your student digz. It is also a great place to hang pictures of friends and family, as well as motivational sayings or other pictures or quotes for daily inspiration depending on your current goals.

This cute design is a great, affordable option, take a look here.

A white noise machine

You can’t possibly chase your dreams if you simply aren’t getting enough sleep. COVID-related anxiety is common right now and can result in insomnia. Luckily, a white noise machine is the ultimate solution for ensuring that you effortlessly drift off to dreamland every night.

This white noise machine is the most cost-effective option available on Takealot, and it boasts nine different sound effects to choose from, such as birdsong, classic white noise, lullabies, and the crashing of a waterfall.

Desk organiser

Nobody would feel motivated to study or work on an assignment if their desk looked like a complete pigsty. Maintain your dedication by keeping your desk free from clutter and well-organised with the help of a desk organiser. Most desk organisers have space for your important documents and your study tools, including your pens and calculators.

This one is ideal if you have a roommate and want to keep confidential documents – such as your journal – away from prying eyes. It comes with a unique lock feature and is just as beautiful as it is functional:

Must-have products for 2021

Do you have any products to recommend to your fellow students? Tell us in the comments section below or on our Facebook page using the hashtag #MustHaveProductsfor2021

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