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Spring Survival Tips: How to Stay Fresh All Day

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Spring is upon us, and so is the heat… and sweaty armpits. Don’t replace the dreaded cold with the dreaded odours that can radiate from our bodies when it’s hot. Your lifestyle should adapt to incorporate the demands of the new season. Here’s how to keep it cool, and stay fresh all day, even in the heat.

Don’t keep it wet

A deodorant is not enough in spring. It merely makes you smell nice by covering up. Antiperspirants, on the other hand, plug your pores to limit your sweat. This keeps you dry. You’re welcome to use both a deodorant and antiperspirant. However, if you’ve got to choose one… You know what to do.

Add a new BFF

Your new “best friend forever” should be “brush floss forever”. It’s one of those simple life skills that forms part of your lifestyle. Seriously, bad breath is a spring dampener of note. It destroys the mood and is so unnecessary. Brush and floss twice a day to give your smile the fresh breath to back it up.

Wrap yourself in cleanliness

At the end of the day, the clothes you wear may contain perspiration, bacteria and viruses. The importance of wearing clean clothes cannot be overstated.

Be water wise

Help to hydrate and cleanse your internal system by drinking a lot of water. In addition, a daily shower/bath may help to purify you and soothe your aches. Water has perks to boost your health and fitness as well as your physical health.

Get a bit “spooky” – stay fresh all day in every way

Perhaps “spooky” is the wrong word, but spring is all about new life, blossoming and recovering from the dry winter. Earth dances. Sun intensifies. Your mental health should not be left behind. Get deeper. Connect with yourself, within yourself. Find your inner source for fresh inner breath. Meditate.

Let this not just be another season in your life. Use this time to start over by making positive steps to your health and fitness, mental health and physical health. Decide to pursue freshness in every way. Nature is always ready with a remedy and chant towards a higher call. Out with the old. In with fresh renewal.

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