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Splurge or Save?

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splurge or saveYou know the saying – some things you just can’t buy cheap. The good news is that some things you can! But how can you tell the difference? When is it worthwhile conserving those pennies and when is the right time to shell out a little bit extra?

We’ve got the answers, and a few helpful money tips, below.

Splurge-Worthy Items

The rule of thumb is that if you’re buying something that you need to last you for a long time, it’s usually worth it to spend a bit more to ensure that you’re getting quality and durability.

An example of a splurge-worthy item is a back-pack. You’ll be lugging it around with you to and from lectures, lobbing it on the floor multiple times a day and relying on it to carry heavy books and essentials. Because of this, you’ll need a back-pack that you can count on to remain sturdy and in good condition for many years to come.

Shoes are similar. They tend to take a beating, especially with all the walking that many of us students do! Cheap shoes will usually fall apart a few weeks after buying them, and they also probably won’t be nearly as comfortable as the ones with a slightly heftier price tag.

When it comes to clothing, think carefully about what you wear most often.

If you wear jeans and comfy t-shirts most days, then it’s worthwhile paying a bit extra for quality that you know will stand the test of time.

Rather save on items that you don’t wear as regularly – for example, a trendy party dress. Who needs designer if you’re only going to wear it once?

Items to Save On

One of the items that you can definitely save money on is make-up. Yes, donning the most expensive shade that MAC has to offer certainly has its appeal, but is it really necessary? The truth is that you can usually look just as good in a similar colour made by a much cheaper brand. Plus, how many make-up items have you lost or stockpiled at the back of your cupboard over the years? Unless you can really afford it, expensive make-up isn’t a must.

It’s also usually easy to save quite a bit of cash by toning down various luxury items. For example, trade in your designer cologne for a pleasant-smelling body spray that costs a fraction of the price. Switch from two-ply toilet paper to one-ply. Buy a two-in-one shampoo and conditioner. Use a bar of soap instead of shower gel. While the experience won’t be as luxurious, it will still be passable – and you’ll have some additional dough in your pocket to spend on the things that really matter!

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