Done the detox? Now do a Social Media Spring Clean

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Do you feel as though you spend half your life scrolling through the newsfeeds of all your social media accounts? You’re definitely not alone. If you have thousands of Facebook friends and countless social media apps on your smartphone, it might be time for a detox, followed by a decent social media spring clean. Here’s how to go about it.

Go Through Your Profiles

Ask yourself which social media platforms actually add value to your life. Then work out which ones just suck time out of your day. If in doubt, delete, delete, delete!

Try to keep a maximum of three different social media apps on your phone. Limit yourself in terms of the time that you’re allowed to spend using them.


If your newsfeed is often teeming with content posted by people you can’t even remember how you met (or if you even met them at all), it’s time to do a friend clean-out.

Work your way through your friends list. This might take a few days! When done, unfriend or unfollow any people with whom you don’t regularly interact. In doing so, you’ll find that the time you spend on your various social media accounts becomes a lot more meaningful.

Wade Through Your Photos

Did you know that recruiters and employers often visit a potential employee’s social media profiles before making a decision as to whether to hire them or not? With this in mind, that photo of you drunk out of your brackets at your matric dance after-party probably isn’t doing you any favours

Wade through all of the photos on your profile and delete any shameful ones if you can. If not, do the next best thing and untag yourself, or ask the person who posted it to do it for you.

Tone Down Notifications

Go to the settings on each social media app and reduce the amount of notifications that you receive. The fewer notifications that you get, the less tempting it will be to go online at random times throughout the day.

How much do YOU rely on social media each day? Tell us in the comments section below.

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