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Social media dos and don’ts for students

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do's and dont'sSize matters. This is true, particularly when it comes to social media. The number of your social media followers can influence your digital social standing. One can be lured to buy followers, try publicity stunts or to share as much as possible to attract more user engagement. Yet this can have lasting devastating effects, particularly as a student. Here are a couple of dos and don’ts safety tips to remember.


  • Sleep on something before ranting online
  • Post about your interests and things that you’re passionate about
  • Enjoy posting on your social media platforms
  • Engage
  • Post regularly, but within reason
  • Use it to keep abreast of current varsity and community events


  • Overshare personal information
  • Post-career-limiting content
  • Share confidential information
  • Be gullible
  • Post (or repost) nudies or sex tapes
  • Post pictures of other people’s babies and children without permission


It is easy to get carried away with posting whatever is on your mind. Yet, as you post, know that social media trolls, viruses, bots and online stalkers are real – and potentially dangerous.

Beware of the dangers that prowl social media spheres. By behaving questionably, you can have your social media account suspended, damage your reputation and put yourself in danger. One cannot overemphasise the need to think before posting. And then never forget that once you’ve put it ‘out there’, even if you delete your posting – it’s forever “out there’ somewhere.

From click to ka-ching

In as much as social media can be an addictive, all engaging lifestyle, you need to practice it with restraint. Use emotional intelligence and mental health moderations before you post. While student life is all about fun and prepping yourself with the necessary life skills, if you are not careful about your social media actions, they can dampen your prospective career prospects.

Yet, with calculated risks and tact, you can convert your social media interests and profiles into revenue streams. In your journey to positioning yourself as a social media influencer, make sure that your values are aligned with what you are promoting. It helps to stay true to your beliefs and to let your personality shine bright. Enjoy, engage and have fun on social media, within reason.

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