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Social Media and Depression – Is there a Link?

By Apr 3, 2019 No Comments

social media and depression is there a linkThere’s something addictive about social media. It draws you closer into the lives of celebs you’d never encounter. It gives you front row seats into the very bedroom of your all-time crush. You get to see what others eat, their social lives, student life adventures, culture and so much more. Yet, it can also leave you feeling a little down, dullish and unfulfilled.

Facebook depression

Social media interaction can lead to more than “likes”, “love” and comments. It can serve as reinforcement that something’s trendy. The absence thereof can lead to self-doubt and depression. Finding out on Facebook that your ex is in a relationship with someone new can lead to sadness.

You may have posted something that you think is awesome. But did not get as much interaction as you anticipated. That can make you second guess yourself. You may start generating feelings of inadequateness or feeling somewhat unlovable. Whatever the case, researchers argue that there can be a direct or indirect link to social media and depression.

Effects on mental health

Social media can connect you with loved ones and friends, as well as keep you updated. Another great usage is how your Instagram account can help you attain your dream job. Employers may turn to your social media profiles as part of a job screening process.

That said, social media can also be negative. This can happen when you compare the number of followers that you have. It can also be harmful when you compare your activities and number of friends to others. Rather than appreciating your life, you may find it bland.

Social media in itself is a tool that can be for your benefit or against you. It is what you make it out to be. In the end, we need to be aware of both its good and adverse effects, and subconsciously decide to choose rightly.

Do you feel isolated from the real world? Do you need help for social media addiction or depression as a result of social media? Know that there is always a way out. Help is at bay. Please reach out. Today.

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