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So what do you keep in your gym bag?

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gym bagGym bags have become more than just an essential bag in which to stash your stuff when going to the gym; they have turned into trendy student life must-haves.


Thanks to the rise of consumerism, health awarenesses and manufacturing designs; it is now possible to make a statement through your selected gym bag. However, perhaps the only thing more significant than the sacks and bags themselves, is what you put inside.


In as much as this can seem rather obvious, it is essential to remember your gym bag. When dragging yourself to the gym for that much-needed workout to get your mind off your studies or job hunting, it is easy to forget your gym bag. So yeah, even if you forget all the rest, remember your gym kit.

Other must-haves are an antiperspirant deodorant, bottle of water, cap and suntan lotion (in case you take your training outdoors) and a clean towel.

Nice to have

In addition to the gym essentials mentioned above, headphones can make your gym experience so much more enjoyable. Extra protein in the form of a shake or bar can enhance your workout or supply a satisfactory post-workout snack. A hair kit with essential supplies to keep hair from falling onto your face and ruining your mojo (special charm) can be a much-needed value add. Be sure to add bobby pins, hair scrunchies and an Alice-band to the emergency hair pack.

Optional extras

Those in the know can tell you how having an extra set of gym [under]wear can save the day. Don’t just think of sports bras; there are also sports briefs or panties. Wet wipes can increase your level of comfort. Some dare to carry a dream book or sticky note or picture that reminds them of the reason why they are working out in the first place. It can be to improve your health and fitness, calm your psyche, better your mental health, or to reach your goals and to live a healthier lifestyle.

Last, but not least, you have to bring the right attitude to your workout sessions. It will get hard, and you will be tempted to quit at times. Weights may wear you down. Your heart will beat faster, and it will take everything you’ve got to keep at it. Remember that soldiers are made for battle. When pressed on every side or the treadmill and crunches are getting the best of you; know why you started. Don’t quit. Pick up that gym bag and move forward.

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