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Snacks to get you going

By Jun 8, 2017 No Comments

Health nuts are going to love Vital’s new range of on-the-go snacks. They are packed full of the goodness busy young urbanites need to keep energised.  

Vital’s recently launched on-the-go snacks are different from the usual ‘healthy’ snack because they really are very healthy. While most grab-and-go foods contain large quantities of hidden sugars, fats and salt, and little nutritional value in terms of vitamins and fibre, Vital Health Foods has put authentic health back into snacks. “The company realised that there was a need to develop a snack that contributes to nutritional needs and is also delicious,” says Andrea du Plessis, nutritional expert at Vital Health Foods.

That’s why the company has introduced great tasting snacking options that also ensure you get the nutrients you need during your busy day-to-day life, on and off campus. Vital’s bars and bites contain 12 vitamins at the daily recommended nutritional intake. They also have no added sugar or preservatives, and are gluten free. The Vital bars and bites come in three delicious flavours: cashew and coconut; almond and cocoa; and seed, almond and cinnamon.

Then, Vital’s delicious air-popped rice crisps, made from wholegrain brown and white rice contain less than 400 kilojoules per 20g serving. They are also free of gluten, trans fat, added MSG, preservatives and aspartame The crisps are the perfect alternative to less healthy potato crisps. They come in three mouth-watering flavours: fruit chutney, sweet and spicy pepper salsa, and cream cheese and chives.

Try these yummy Vital snacks for yourself by entering the Vital snack hamper giveaway  and stand the chance of winning R300 worth of these healthy treats.

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