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Sharing Your Space & How to Do it Respectfully

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At varsity, especially if you have a roomie or two living with you in your digz, it is safe to say that those lessons that mom and dad taught you about sharing really do come in handy! Just in case you’ve forgotten them and have a tendency to do annoying things – like leave the toilet seat up or substitute a shower for an hour of playing Fifa before class – we have a few etiquette tips to keep in mind that might help you change your ways…

Sharing a Dorm

The main thing to remember about sharing your digz is to keep your room, as well as all of the communal rooms, as tidy as possible. Pull your weight! If the dishes are starting to grow fuzz, do the washing up before you have to adopt them as pets and name them!

If you took your shoes off in front of the TV, take them to your room before you head off to bed. Oh, and be sure to communicate with your roommate about the larger chores. It might be a good idea to come up with a schedule to ensure complete fairness between the two, three or even four of you.

Sharing a Desk

If there’s only one desk in your digz, don’t leave thousands of papers strewn about after a study session. Invest in a file or three (they are really cheap), and try to get organised. Not only will your roomie thank you for it, but you will probably also find that your life gets easier too!

Sharing the Costs

It makes good financial sense to share expenses for certain items and products when you are sharing accommodation with others. You all need to clean your space and your dishes so put in a monthly budget for cleaning products and materials, toilet paper and even food essentials such as condiments, bread and milk. So long as no one person takes advantage or hoards any of the items – it’s the best way to share.

Sharing the Connection

Don’t hog the network – there’s nothing worse than sharing space with someone who spends their life downloading music and videos and basically gobbling the data. Be conscious that your digz mate might also want to be online and that your connectivity habits might be hindering others from actually doing some learning!

Sharing a Lift

If you catch a taxi or hitch a ride with a mate to class, the number one rule to remember is to always have a shower beforehand! After all, nobody likes smelling your personal brand of Eau de Stench. If you’re riding with a pal, also offer to chip in for petrol money – we’re sure you’ll agree that nobody likes a free-loader either!

Ultimately, with a bit of foresight and a few slight behavioural changes made in an effort to rectify some of those annoying habits, you will be sure to transform into a respectful sharer in no time at all!

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