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Setting boundaries on your time – How to say NO

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How to say noNo matter how many dreams you have, there will always be distractions and obstacles along the way that you need to say no to. For you to go to the library and put in those extra hours with your tutor, you may need to say no to going out with friends at night or miss a date with bae.

The trick comes with knowing what to say yes to and what you need to say no to. Here are sure-fire tips on how to set boundaries to protect your time. These tips can enhance your quality of life at school, work, home and just about anywhere.

Manage expectations

If you keep saying yes to everything, it is just a matter of time before something has got to give. In order to get ahead with time management, you need to manage expectations with your friends and family. Sit them down and hear what they expect you to do. Then explain in advance what you can and cannot commit to.

Define relationships

Maybe you’ve always managed to babysit a couple of hours for your friends and volunteered at church. Plus, you were always there when your roomie needed a friend to talk to, and your partner knows you’re on the ball.

However, as the year progresses you find that you need more time alone to reach your goals. In that case, sit down and evaluate which relationships and activities are worth saving and know how much time you have to allocate to them.

Be open

Rather than dodging and ducking, or no longer answering calls; rather be frank. Tell peeps that your demands and needs have changed and that you can unfortunately not avail yourself as much. At times, you need to say “no” without sugar-coating it so that others can understand that you are serious and make alternative plans.

Create healthy boundaries

There are times in life when good deeds actually get punished. Let’s say you have a part-time job and you are the nearest to your place of employment. While it is okay for you to offer to stay up late to wait for the last client, it can end up that you are now tasked with all the cleaning up, locking up, always coming in first and so much more that is not part of your job description. Learn to draw the line and communicate this respectfully.

Manage yourself

Learning to say no, starts with planning and time management. You need to be able to speak to yourself. Learn to say no to one more drink when you’ve had enough. Learn to say no to excessive junk food. Say no to unprotected sex and one-night-stands. Say no to drugs and abusive relationships. Say no to perpetuating violence. Say no to all that dampens your yes for a progressive future.

Saying no is very hard, but it is one of those things that must be done, particularly if you want to find a balance between student life, maintaining personal relationships and pressing on towards your career goals. All the time management in the world won’t help, unless you have the will power to stand by your yes and your no. The power is in your hands.

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