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Seriously – Social media has an etiquette?

By December 28, 2016 May 17th, 2017 No Comments

Social media is an awesome tool that allows us to connect with friends and family and keep in touch, especially when we are away at varsity. However, if you have ever had to put up with an annoying Facebook friend, you will know that there is a certain amount of social media etiquette that needs to be adhered to. For future reference, here are the unwritten ‘rules’ to keep in mind.

Don’t post too often

Posting the occasional status update or sharing a funny meme every now and again is not only welcome, but appreciated by your followers. However, posting a status update about everything you do or sharing 30 different memes in a row is complete overkill and is going to become super annoying very quickly indeed.

Don’t post unflattering photos of your friends

It is the age of the selfie, so all of us are posting more photos a lot more often than we were, say, five years ago. There are however, some people who are slightly touchy about the types (and quality) of photos that they are tagged in.

Knowing this, try to hold yourself back from tagging a photo of you standing next to your bestie, who happens to have food in her teeth, just because you’re looking fresh to death. Instead, ask your mates before posting photos and tagging them; or, better yet, wait for them to tag themselves.


If you have lost touch with someone or if you find their social media behaviour annoying, there will come a time to decide whether to unfriend them or not. In order to avoid hurting feelings or causing conflict, think twice before doing this. Simply hide their posts from your newsfeed instead. That way, you don’t have to see any of their activity on social media, but you’re avoiding doing the ‘rude’ thing and deleting them off your friend list. The best part? They will be none the wiser.

There are of course instances where unfriending (say an ex-partner) is the only route to take – for your own sanity. Sometimes you just need to move on, but do it with dignity.

Ultimately; Yes – social media does have an etiquette, and the best advice that we can give you is to think before you post! Also remember to stay safe by checking your privacy settings and only accepting friend requests from people who you know and who you have actually met in person.

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