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Secret Sunrise Johannesburg

By Oct 2, 2017 No Comments

Wake up, pray, shower, brush your teeth, eat breakfast, get dressed, go to campus, study, or work… Repeat. For many – we fall into the category of the “masses” – and can therefore monotonously predict most of our mornings. Yet, an international movement is catching up and daring to awaken people to a day like no other. What if you could awake to awesomeness? Well you can with Secret Sunrise Johannesburg.

Ssshh… It’s a secret

The venue is kept a secret until 24 hours before the event. It can take place on a park, rooftop or some other cool location. True to the name, people gather around 06:00 am (some even earlier) at the specified location and are given a set of Bluetooth headphones to dance like never before. Lost in their own world of music they welcome the sunrise, stretch, strut some yoga moves, interact with one another and then disperse to go to work and/or campus.

Not your typical gathering

What makes this gathering atypical is that you get an assortment of young and older professionals, moms, dads, grannies and grandpas along with loads of students, all gathered in an easygoing, non-judgmental zone. The dress code can also be a little “different”, if you enjoy that kind of thing. Some dress as super heroes others as fairies, or simply arrive in your comfy sporty gear and pretty much whatever you fancy. It’s your secret space to be who you are and express yourself as you desire, before getting back to routine.

Have it your way

Those who attend a secret sunrise aspire towards self-love, appreciation of our differences, freedom of expression and individual creativity. There’s no need to worry about perfecting your moves in advance – you can just “do you”. Looking around, some twirl, skip, break it down, bum jive, hop, “float” and pretty much dance as they want, when they want. There is so much freedom in the space.

Get out of your tent

Unlike your typical day when you wake up to the ordinary, the secret sunrise allows you to get out of the ordinary. There is nothing monotonous about it. You get to meet like-minded people who are fun loving and just want to get away for a while. There is so much to do and see, but the main star of the show is your one-on-one with the magnificent sunrise and self. The entrance fee is R100 (at the time of publishing), but just double check so you can also awaken to one of the best mornings you will ever have.

If you are looking for something entertaining that will kick-start your entire day while creating awesome lasting memories, then you should definitely consider attending the Secret Sunrise Johannesburg. It is not just a Jozi thing, but one that has captivated the country and international village. Nothing beat’s staying positive and surrounding yourself with people ready to take ownership of their space. It’s your turn to wake up to a sunrise like no other.

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