Saying your thanks when the interview is done

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Nothing says you’re growing up quite like your first job interview. It’s a little bit scary, but also quite a feather in your cap – like you’ve “levelled up” in the world of adulting. Here’s one thing that isn’t talked about much in job interview tips: the importance of a thank you note.

The working world is extremely competitive. Writing a short thank you email after your interview can really help you stand out and even improve your chances of being hired. Whether you sailed through the interview, or it was a bad job interview you’d rather forget, reaching out and saying thanks afterwards is something worth doing.

Say thanks if your interview went really well

A thank you note tells your interviewer a lot about who you are as a person. It shows politeness and enthusiasm. Even if your interview was fantastic and you feel that the job is in the bag, you might be neck in neck with another candidate. Writing a short email to thank the interviewer for their time, and re-enforce the fact that you would be thrilled to work for their company, can give you the edge.

A thank you note can help fix an interview disaster

Most interview tips focus on the actual interview, but can you do anything if the interview for your dream job just got shot down in flames?

If you:

Were late: Write an email of apology, explain briefly what held you back, and tell the interviewer that you value and respect their time.

Feel like you didn’t connect with the interviewer: Write an email of thanks, and ask a couple of questions about the company and the job that you didn’t have a chance to speak about during the meeting.

Froze up on an important question: In your thank you note, say that you’ve been thinking about things, and give examples of how your knowledge and experience applies to what you spoke about.

Rambled: Let the interviewer know that you were nervous and excited. Use your thank you note to explain coherently and briefly why you would be perfect for the position.

A well-worded thank you note might not guarantee that you will land the job, but it can go a long way to smoothing things over, and improve your chances if you don’t feel your interview went well. And either way, it’s a great habit to form that exhibits maturity, responsibility and respect to potential employers.

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