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Savings: Checkers has finally released a Loyalty Card and It’s Incredible

By November 18, 2019 November 25th, 2019 No Comments

Savings: Checkers Xtra loyalty cardLoyal Checkers shoppers have been waiting in anticipation ever since Pick n Pay launched its Smart Shopper card years ago – and they can finally celebrate! As of 14 October 2019, Checkers now has its own loyalty card called Xtra Savings, and we are thrilled to announce that it’s pretty rad! It has never been easier to save money on your shopping in South Africa.

Xtra Savings with a difference

What has shoppers talking the most is the fact that the Checkers Xtra Savings card works differently to other stores’ loyalty cards. Unlike traditional loyalty cards, the Checkers card does not accumulate points. There are no ‘savings tiers’ or ‘savings levels. Instead, it provides shoppers with access to massive, instant savings in-store. Some discounts available to Xtra Savings card holders are up to 50% off – and these unmissable offers are on various items that most people use every day, such as washing powder, sauces, and pet food.

How to sign up

The fact that over one million Checkers fans signed up for their Xtra Savings card during the first week of its release is testament to it being incredibly simple to log on. The sign-up process takes just three minutes and can be done in-store or by:

  • Adding Checkers (+27-87-240-5385) as a WhatsApp contact and say “Hi!”
  • Scanning the QR code on the back of your Xtra Savings card (available in store) and sign up online
  • Dialling *134*885* CARDNUMBER# and follow the prompts
  • Downloading the Checkers app from your app store

Are there any further benefits?

Aside from over 1 000 amazing in-store discounts every month with a simple swipe of the card, Xtra Savings holders can also expect to receive personalised offers via email which are based on the items that they buy most regularly.

Card promoters also claim that there will be birthday surprises and perks to take advantage of. Things like VIP previews of upcoming offers and promotions such as Black Friday, automatic entries into store competitions and a chance to win free shopping every time you swipe.

Checkers will also donate to beneficiary organisations that fight hunger in South Africa, making every swipe of your card count!

Pretty incredible, we think! Have you signed up for yours yet?

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