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SA’s Most Popular Hair Relaxer Products: Which Works Better?

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The dry Highveld winter air can wreak havoc on one’s crowning glory. Luckily, if you’re looking to make daily maintenance a bit more manageable, a good hair relaxer should do just the trick. Below, we review 4 of South Africa’s most popular hair relaxer products for ourselves… be sure to let us know if you agree with our findings!

Sunsilk Hair Relaxer for Coarse Hair

The main stand-out feature of the Sunsilk Hair Relaxer for Coarse Hair is its price. You can generally get your hands on it for around R10 at most leading retailers – and that’s for 225 grams of the product! It straightens hair with minimal effort and promises reduced breakage and reduced scalp damage, as well as longer lasting results.

Another plus is the pleasant fragrance that makes it all the more enjoyable to use – it definitely doesn’t smell cheap! All in all, it’s a great choice for those looking for a reliable hair relaxer at the lowest possible price (we all know what it’s like to live on a tight student budget!).

Dark and Lovely Precise Diamond Relaxer Cream

This product is often the one of choice for hair professionals across the country, hence the reason for its popularity – especially amongst students looking to achieve the same results at home as they would at the salon. It is reasonably priced (you’re looking at around R24,95 for 250 ml) and promises not only to straighten every strand, but to leave you with a lustrous sheen after every use. According to us, it definitely gets the job done! It’s the perfect product for those looking for a longer-lasting result and a more indulgent DIY experience.

Revlon Realistic Conditioning Crème Relaxer

The Revlon relaxer was definitely the mildest product that we tested out. It didn’t have a strong smell and it took slightly longer to relax the hair than some of the other alternatives we tried. However, the results were still pleasing and our hair definitely felt and looked as though it was in better condition than when we started. The price was also reasonable at R35 for 250 ml.

Black Silk Hair Relaxer

The Black Silk Hair Relaxer claims to straighten and strengthen hair – and it definitely made good on its promise! We were happy with the results and noticed that our hair felt a lot longer and thicker after use. The only downfall is the price tag – at around R38 for 225 ml, it is the most expensive option out of all four that we reviewed.

Do you have any hair relaxer products that are your tried and trusted favourites? Tell us in the comments section below.

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