Safety Tips for Staying in Shared Student Accommodation

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Attending university is a fun and exciting time. These are the years that you will spend building the foundation for your career and lifestyle ahead. One of the first things that should be on your mind is where you will stay. While there are various student accommodation options to choose from, it is important to keep in mind that you will be sharing facilities with other students, and while these students might be your friends, there should be some ground rules and safety precautions in place to protect all parties.

Some safety tips for staying in shared student accommodation are presented to all university students compliments of Student Digz as follows:

  • Most student digs offer shared rooms, which means that you will need to get to know and trust your roommate. You should make sure that all valuables are insured and properly locked away while you are not in the room. Upmarket student accommodation facilities will offer secure premises that require biometrics in order to allow access to students. This means that student movements around the premises can be monitored which certainly steps up general security and ensures that no unauthorised access is gained to the premises.
  • Always make sure that you turn off appliances, lights, stoves and so on when leaving the premises.
  • Make sure that you gather the contact details of your neighbours. While sharing facilities and premises it is important to get to know those around you. Your chosen accommodation facility should offer the perfect opportunity to socialise with like minded individuals. Obtaining the contact details of your neighbours will ensure that you have avenues of acquiring help and assistance should you find yourself in a difficult or dangerous situation.
  • Have a structured schedule or routine to avoid getting caught up in too much socialising. Living with other students can be a great deal of fun and while you are having that fun you can get a little off track. By having a set study schedule and balancing things correctly you can avoid falling behind in your studies.
  • If anything breaks or is damaged during your stay, whether it is through your fault or of another student, make sure that it is reported to the landlord or managers as soon as possible. This will help to avoid blame being cast on innocent parties and also ensure that the building managers can promptly attend to the repair.

In addition to these pointers, always make sure that you feel safe and secure where you choose to stay. If you feel as if the security features in place are not sufficient or leave your safety and that of others at risk, make sure that you chat to the managing company so that they can be looked into.

Also, consider reputable and reliable shared student accommodation options, such as Student Digz to host your stay for the duration of your studies.

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