Safety Tips

Safety ABCs

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Safety ABCs

Your first taste of independence at varsity can be thrilling.  There are so many new people to meet, so much to learn, so many new activities to try, and don’t forget about falling in love.

Unfortunately, though, with more freedom comes more risk. While there may be security on campus and where you live, you still need to take charge of your life by assuming responsibility for your own safety.

We’ve compiled a list of practical steps you can (and should) take to make sure you don’t have to deal with the trauma of a mugging or other form of attack.

a) Stay alert and aware of your environment.  This means watching for odd or suspicious behaviour and taking off your headphones (and resisting looking at your phone!) when walking alone.

b) Project an image of confidence, calmness and purpose.  Walk with purpose, even if you’re not sure of your route.

c) Plan your activities ahead of time, making sure you’re with a group of people you trust, if you’re going out at night.

d) Criminals often ask for the time, or for directions, to distract you and make you drop your guard.  Beware of anyone who does this.

e) Take self-defence classes, or get into a martial art.  To learn more about all the different types, <insert link:> click here <link ends>.

f) If you feel uncomfortable or suspicious, there’s probably a reason!  Trust your intuition and don’t be scared of seeming rude when removing yourself from a possibly dangerous situation.

g) Stay up to date on campus news to learn about which areas are unsafe.

h) If worse comes to worst and someone attacks you, kick them hard on the knee, then run.

i) Always park near a light – even if it’s not dark, it might be dark by the time you come back to your car.


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