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Rocking Your Socks: How to Wear the Biggest Men’s Fashion Trend of 2019

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Most of us don’t pay our socks much attention. They’re merely functional rather than fashionable items of clothing, right? Wrong! 2019 is the year that socks are making a statement – especially for men. They are arguably the most important piece of your outfit and a solid definition of your style. Here’s our simple guide to putting your best foot forward and rocking your socks to the max.

Creatively colourful

Colour is truly where it’s at when it comes to fancy feet right now. Seriously. The brighter the better. The secret is to keep the rest of your kit muted and neutral so that your colourful socks really stand out. This type of look works great with formal and casual wear, so don’t be afraid to explore.

Powerful patterns

If colour isn’t your vibe, you can still make an impact with your feet by choosing socks in bold patterns and artistic designs. Think polka dots, geometric shapes, cartoon characters and famous artworks – this pack of five from Takealot should give you a good general idea of just how quirky you can get.

The rules

Right, so while you pretty much have free rein when it comes to playing around with your socks, there are a few general ‘rules’ to be aware of to pull off the look seamlessly. For starters, keep in mind that there are some types of shoes that you should never wear socks with. These shoes include loafers and, of course, flip flops!

Secondly (and this may seem like common sense, but it really cannot be emphasised enough), make sure that the socks you’re showing off are fresh, clean and hole-free. There is nothing stylish about old, manky socks that haven’t seen the inside of a washing machine for a few weeks. You’ll want to keep those ones under wraps.

Other than that, basically anything goes.

Follow these simple style tips and you can be sure that your socks will always be the star of the show no matter where you go or who you’re with.

Sock it to ‘em!

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