Registered FET Colleges in South Africa

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There are many options available to those who want to study a degree or diploma in South Africa. There is a vast variety of institutions that offer the courses required and you will also find that there are colleges that place emphasis on the occupational and vocational aspects of after school studying. For those who don’t know, an FET college is a “Further Education and Training” facility. In our country there are both private and public versions of these colleges and you should choose which one to send your child to, accordingly.

An FET college is not a university. It is a facility that will teach your child the skills that are required to send them into the job market. Such facilities will provide courses that cover grades 10 to 12 as well as life skills and technical studies. Sending your child to an FET college to prepare them for the working world is definitely a wise decision, however there are things that you should look out for to ensure that they will benefit from the type of studies they are doing.

Look into the following:

  • Are the FETCollege and the course that your child has chosen, both accredited? If the FETCollege is presenting their course through another institution, it is important to check that that body is accredited too.
  • Not every FET college course is accepted or recognised by professional businesses and employers. Before you advise your child to take on a course, look into the benefits of the course and how widely it is accepted or recognised before committing and paying.

The Department of Higher Education and Training publishes a list of registered FET colleges on their website – this is updated each year, so it is advisable to keep checking back to this list for your own peace of mind. You can also find a great listing of public and private FET colleges in South Africa at the following links:

You should never just take the word of an FET college at face value. If you are concerned about your child’s future and the type of education he or she will be provided with going forward, look into the credentials and success rate of the colleges that you are considering and ensure that your child will have a safe learning environment, and be presented with course material that will result in a qualification or certification that will help them further their career, or help them to secure a decent job.

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