Recipe: Rice Pudding  

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This is a delicious winter treat that is very easy to make, although it does take some time to cook so be sure to plan ahead.  Once it’s in the oven, you can basically leave it to do its thing, just checking in on it occasionally and giving it a stir.

It starts out with very little rice, but fluffs up nicely and makes enough to serve 2 people as a dessert.  If you want a big bowl each though, you may want to double up on the quantities.

You can serve it hot or cold, but hot is usually most satisfying, especially in winter.  It’s not very sweet on its own, so you can add whatever other sweetness you fancy afterwards – stewed fruit, jam, honey, syrup, etc.


Serves 2

  •  60g plain white rice, uncooked
  • 30g sugar
  • 500ml milk
  • Small knob of butter
  • Cinnamon


Preheat the oven to 180°C.  Wash the rice by putting it in a sieve under the tap and running water over it.

Butter an oven-proof dish then put the rice in the dish with the sugar, milk and butter.  Bake for 30 minutes, then take it out and gently stir.  Put it back in the oven and continue cooking until the rice is tender, which should take another hour or so.

Stir every 20 minutes or so after the first 30 minutes to make sure the liquid is evenly distributed through the rice.  If it looks like the rice is drying out but isn’t yet cooked, simply add a bit more milk, stir it in and continue cooking as normal.

When the rice is cooked and the consistency is creamy, sprinkle your rice pudding with cinnamon. Serve either hot or cold with fruit, jam, honey or syrup, and some added cream if you like.

Recipe from the The Housewives’ League of South Africa Cookery Book

Image credit:  Robert via Flickr

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