Psychology is not a one-size fits all

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psychology not one size for allHigh school ends, and all of a sudden you’re faced with so many choices that could impact your life long into the future! Pretty stressful right? One of those choices is deciding what to study at varsity. Many students head off to college with a clear idea of their future career plans and the courses they need to take. But an equal number of students are clueless and end up picking popular subjects that they don’t really understand, on a whim.

Subjects like Psychology.

What is Psychology, really?

Psychology is basically the study of the mind, human behaviour, thinking, and emotions. To anyone who’s watched true crime dramas, or read a psychological thriller, being a psychologist can seem like a glamorous and exciting career. But this is just one facet of Psychology.

Psychology is a very broad field of study that includes psychotherapy, child psychology, criminal psychology and so much more.

Choose Psychology if you’re genuinely interested

Psychology is often chosen by students as a filler course when they don’t know what else to do. If you’re not really interested in the brain and how people think and behave, you’ll struggle with the coursework. If you need a filler course to complete your degree, there are plenty of other subjects that you may enjoy more – for example, media studies, anthropology, sociology or linguistics.

Studying Psychology as a long term goal

If you are passionate about Psychology and your end game is to become a psychologist, then go ahead with Psychology. However, even if you have a definite career plan, it’s still a good idea to choose other subjects that interest you. You may find that studying Psychology was not what you expected and that you don’t enjoy it.

Psychology is also famous for having a bottleneck of students applying for Honours and Masters. In other words, many students major in Psychology at undergrad level, but only a few are accepted into postgrad degrees.

Ask for career advice

The best thing would be to speak to a career guidance counsellor when choosing subjects for varsity. They will be able to help you decide on subjects that are a good fit for you and a good addition to your degree, and formulate a backup plan should you later decide against a career in Psychology.

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