To pierce or not to pierce? Know the dangers of body piercing

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Gone are the days of limiting body piercings to the ears, nose and tongue if you are a little on the wild side. In fact, a whole new world has opened up in body piercing, and it does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

Trends are moving towards piercing unconventional body-parts and eye-brow piercings are no longer considered as risqué.

Top dangers of body piercings

  • Allergic reactions (your body may reject or react to certain kinds of jewellery)
  • Bacterial infections
  • Choking on lose jewellery
  • Dental damage (broken teeth and infected gums)
  • Excessive bleeding during and after the piercing
  • Infections (HIV, tetanus, yeast, hepatitis and bacteria)
  • Keloids (bold and thick scarring)
  • Nerve damage (you can lose the feeling sensation at the area you got pierced)

Top tips before you pierce

  1. Never use piercing guns (yes, the ones used in most shopping malls) because they are plastic and cannot be sterilized; they would melt in an autoclave used to sterilize needles and jewellery.
  2. Don’t use the wrong kind of jewellery for the piercing area and instruments.
  3. Always make sure your piercer is trained and wears gloves.
  4. Walk away if you even suspect the equipment is not sterilized
  5. Insist that all needles should be sealed and opened in front of you.
  6. Only use good quality jewellery.
  7. Only pierce if you can fully commit to after-care healing and hygiene instructions.

Unconventional Body Piercing

What if you want to get pierced on a rather tricky spot to what conventional body piercings offer? No worries, there are microdermal implants/piercings for that. While traditional body piercings go in and out, microdermal implants go in and stay in. This therefore allows you to get pierced almost anywhere such as your cheeks, fingers, neck, wrists, shoulders, bum, back, genital area and lots more.

Piercings – at well reputable and safe places – may not come cheap, so it may help to save and round up the cash stash well in advance. Know the pros and cons before you join the body piercing revolution. Be safe. Creative. Seriously, if this is for you; enjoy the ultimate form of expression that comes through body piercings. YOLO (you only live once)!

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