Are You Overspending without Knowing It?

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Are you sick and tired of counting every penny at the end of the week and feeling disappointed about what, if anything, you have left over? The (good or the) sad news (depending on how you look at it) is that you’re probably overspending without even realising it. Here’s how…

You Visit the Same Grocery Store Every Week

The local Checkers just down the road from your digz is super convenient, we know. The question is, have you given any thought to doing some research on the specials that might be running at other grocery stores around the area?

All that it takes to find out is a quick Google search or convo with Siri. As a student, every single cent counts!

You’re Buying the Cheapest Version of Everything

Some things you can buy cheap, some things you can’t. For example, that generic cold and ‘flu remedy will probably bring you just as much relief as the original version that costs twice as much. However, buying your latest pair of tekkies at a discount store is more than likely a big mistake.

The likelihood is that you’ll have to replace them much sooner that you would have if you had purchased them from a trusted retailer, for example. In the long run, the chances are pretty high that you’ll wind up spending more, as you’ll be needing more!

Always think carefully about when it’s best to spend that little bit extra and when it’s best to hold back.

You Don’t Know How to Haggle

If you buy a lot of goods second hand on websites like Gumtree, you’ve gotta learn how to hustle like a pro! Don’t make the mistake of assuming that every price posted is non-negotiable. Sometimes getting an even better deal is as easy as asking for a discount or offering a fair trade.

You won’t know if you are getting the best price unless you try your luck! After all, the vast majority of these sellers are already trying theirs!

You’ve Been with the Same Bank for Years

Remember when you opened up your first bank account? For many of us, it was something that our parents did on our behalf in an effort to teach us how to manage our own money way back in the day.

The reality is that many of us are not only still with the same bank purely as a matter of convenience, but we are also still signed up to the same plan! This is unfortunate as there are so many different, cash-savvy banking options available out there for students nowadays. If you aren’t taking advantage of this, you’re seriously losing out on some truly epic discounts and deals.

Do your research and if it seems as though a different institution may be able to provide you with the right opportunity to save, don’t hesitate to make a change!

Aside from doing research in terms of special areas in your life that will allow you to save more money, making ends meet is about getting creative and putting your needs above your wants. After a while, managing your finances will become second nature and, before you know it, varsity will be over and you’ll be bringing in the dough (hopefully) working your dream job.

Until then though, you might want to consider applying for a student job. Hey! Everyone has to start somewhere, right?

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