You may have heard of Julie Morgenstern through Oprah Winfrey.  Morgenstern is an expert in time management, productivity and organising.  People pay her to look at their lives and tell them how to organise better.  Her latest book is called Never Check Email in the Morning.

We could all do with becoming a bit more efficient in our lives.  Being organised is the way to do that.  It doesn’t matter if you think you’re the most ditzy, disorganised person on the planet.  With Morgenstern’s tips, even you can become a super organiser!  Start with your room.  Here’s how:

1. Sort.  Walk around your room and sort everything by category – put the different piles onto the floor and your bed.

2. Discard.  Most people use 20 per cent of what they own in any category.  Keep only what you use and what you love and get rid of clothes and other items that are torn, stained or dated.  Throw them away, sell them, or give them to a friend or someone in need.

3. Assign.  Decide which category each item will go in and give it a home, like your shelf, a drawer etc.

4. Pack.  Keep your categories of items separate and maximise storage space by packing them into different containers, such as crates, bins and baskets.  Obviously, choose containers that you like the look of, and that suit your décor. It will also make it more fun to put things away.

5. Equalise.  From now on, for each new item you buy, you must get rid of something old to make space for it.  Morgenstern calls this the One-In, One-Out Rule.  Keep a “Giveaway” bag or box in your cupboard for these items.

When you’ve finished taking these steps, you’ll feel satisfied, and you’ll have freed yourself up to concentrate on other things in your life.  Now you’ve done your bedroom, you can start organising other areas of your life, too.

photo credit: Temily via photopin cc

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