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New Year Detox tips

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new year detox tipxIf you indulged over Christmas (didn’t we all?), you might be feeling a bit rundown and wondering how you are possibly going to tackle the New Year with the same gusto as before. Fear not! We have some New Year detox tips for you now that the celebrations are all over.

Flush out your system with water

Water is your best friend when it is time for a detox. It can help to curb cravings and leave you feeling fuller for longer, and it also works to flush your system of excess fat, sugar, and alcohol. Aim for between 2,5 litres per day if you’re male and 2 litres per day if you’re female.

Lemon for improved digestion

Put tea and coffee on hold for now. Rather, a squeeze of lemon juice mixed in with warm water should be your morning drink of choice. Lemon is wonderful for regulating digestion and getting rid of any post-celebration bloating.

Cucumber for de-bloating

Speaking of getting rid of bloating, cucumber is another must in this regard. This crunchy vegetable is a diuretic which naturally aids the body in letting go of excess water. It also promotes hydration, is low in calories, and is chockfull of antioxidants known to reduce the risk of countless dangerous diseases.

Honey for constipation

Pure honey (not the type that you get from your regular grocery store) is known to cure constipation. If you are struggling to keep your bowel movements regular as a result of eating too many refined or processed foods, honey is sure to move things along.

Ginger for curing hangovers

Most of us have been boozing it up more than usual – after the year that we’ve had, who doesn’t deserve an extra Castle Lite (or three?). Unfortunately, this overindulgence can leave you feeling tired, weak, and gassy. Ginger is a fantastic hangover cure (just grate some and brew your own tea) or as a means for combatting indigestion.

Beetroot for detoxifying the liver

Beetroot is another go-to for recovering from a boozy Christmas. It is known to support the detoxification of the liver and is full of Vitamin C for optimised immune function.

Use our New Year detox tips to put some effort into detoxing and you will be ready for another dose of celebrations soon enough. Enjoy!

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