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New Turkish Bakery Opens in Braamfontein

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If you have a bit of a sweet tooth (don’t most of us?), you’re going to be pretty gratified to hear that a brand new Turkish bakery has recently opened its doors right in the heart of Braamies. It’s called Galata Bakery and you can find it at 87 Juta Street.

The best part? Unlike most bakeries in and around Jozi, it’s open from 7 in the morning right up until 8 at night – so you can satisfy that craving no matter what time of the day (or the evening) it decides to strike!

What to Expect from the Scrumptious Eats

So before we tell you all about its awesome ambience and world class service, let’s address the question on everyone’s minds: how epic is the food?

If baked goods are what you’re after, you’ll find a wide variety of classic Turkish, erm, delights including simit (kinda like a sweet bagel), pogaça (kinda like a scone), börek (baked pastries with filling) and sütlaç (the Turkish version of rice pudding) to name but a few.

You’ll also find a few other classics that most of us will find slightly easier to pronounce! Galata Bakery is best known for its Galata tart, cheesecake, apple pie and tiramisu.

Aside from the baked goods, people are going nuts over the breakfasts offered at the new bakery. For just 50 bucks, the owners will serve you up some Turkish-inspired breakfast of note with scrambled eggs, a freshly baked baguette, a classic pie with spinach-and-feta filling, a serving of feta-style cheese, a handful of olives, a couple of tomato and cucumber slices, as well as bowls of two choices of jam, delicious cream, mouth-watering honey and a cuppa Turkish tea. Amazing!

The Experience

Galata Bakery has also received rave reviews in terms of its service delivery, and you can always expect to be greeted with a friendly smile. The interior of the bakery is simple with little accents here and there that remind you of its Turkish inspiration. All in all, it’s a fantastic place at which to spend a Saturday morning or to pick up a few hearty nibbles on your way to campus, and all within budget.

Have you been to Galata Bakery yet? Best you do.

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