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Moneywise – round it up and stash the cash

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The festive season is fast approaching. It is the time to review your life and the goals you set out at the beginning of the year. It’s time to be moneywise and one of those resolutions should be savings. For the most part it remains just that, something on the wish list. A permanent feature in the “to-do” list.

Year in and year out, peeps scribble “save” on the goals’ chart. Even when you get started, it is tough to sustain. You can save, for a while and then the lure catches you and you use the money.

Sometimes life happens or your needs change and before you know it, trying to save shifts to the bottom of your priorities [again]. Well, that was until Stash came into the scene.


Yes, you heard right. Stash. It’s an app. A cool one for that matter. What makes it significantly user-friendly is that it incorporates savings into your daily life. As you go about your daily spend (something super easy to do), it rounds up your card swipes to the nearest R10 and invests the digital spare change in SA’s biggest companies.

It is refreshing how Stash seamlessly detects every swipe of your debit, cheque or credit card and collects the digital spare change. You end up saving without even having to think about doing so. Saving is incorporated into your daily life. You no longer have to make a conscious decision to save and it is not some outrageous amount that makes you postpone it for later.

What’s the damage (cost)?

Zilch. Nothing baby. It is free. You can stash your spare change into a tax-free investment every day at no charge at all. There are no forms, fees or tax stuff to deter you. The great part about stashing your spare change in top dog companies means that your stash can grow as they grow.

In case you are thinking this app is too simplistic and will probably dash off with your stash; you can take a breather. Stash is backed and operated by Liberty who have more than a century of helping South Africans insure, save and invest. Their cutting-edge technology protects your personal information along with your stash.

Fun, free and futuristic

A lifetime of savings stems from the desire to start. It doesn’t even have to be perfect or seem like a lot. That little bit of spare change can make a big difference, and it’s far better than nothing at all. Best of all, savings can be fun. For example, you can stash a little extra on rainy days and bad weather, for exercising and doing the things you love.

When your ship comes in, feel free to add up to R1 000 to your Stash each month-end. It is not filled with red tapes and all the wishy washy stuff that usually comes into play when you want your stash. You can cash out when you want without waiting periods and drama.

Simply moneywise

There are many pros to this app. There’s so much to love about it. We love the simplicity factor and that it is practical in helping you to convert saving into a way of life.

Did we mention that at the time of writing this, when you successfully refer a friend from your Stash app, they will give them R50 and you’ll get R10 added to your Stash? It’s not a brainteaser. It’s clear as daylight. Start stashing peeps.

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