Missing the Structure of Varsity Life? Here’s How to Cope

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Missing structure of varsity lifeThe COVID-19 lockdown has resulted in people’s lives being turned upside down. Normal life has been put on hold and we have no idea when we can return to variety or go back to doing any of the activities and tasks that we were used to doing. If you are missing the predictable structure of varsity life, especially if you have moved back home for the duration of the lockdown, we have some helpful coping tips to share with you below.

Be kind to yourself

You basically just got out of high school, moved into your own digz, and were loving your new-found freedom before it was snatched away from right under your nose. No wonder you’re feeling down in the dumps! Be kind to yourself and feel those emotions. If your parents can’t understand why you are grumpy and stressed, try to explain the situation to them. You might be surprised at their reaction. They were young adults once, too!

Set and follow a schedule

Despite the freedom to make your own choices and to plan life your way, varsity life still had a very clear routine. You had lectures to attend, studying to do, a part-time job to uphold, and time to spend on your hobbies. For many, recreating a similar schedule can help them to feel more certain and secure.

Set some time aside to revise and perhaps even start going through coursework that you have yet to learn at varsity, as well as time for exercise, skill development, and trying something new. There are a host of free resources out there to aid you in capitalising on all of this free time that you suddenly have available.

Stay in touch with friends

Chatting to your varsity friends on a regular basis is sure to inject some sense of normalcy into lockdown life. Make use of video calls on Whatsapp, or download Skype or Zoom. Along with the small talk, it can work wonders for your mental state to chat about how lockdown is affecting you personally. Simply knowing that you are not alone can make all the difference to pulling yourself out of that ‘funk’ and feeling more productive again.

Try to stay positive. Varsity life will resume soon enough – so use this time wisely while you have it.

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