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Memory Hacks to Help You Ace Your Next Exam

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Do you feel as though you’re putting in the time and the effort when it comes to your studies, but your grades simply aren’t reflecting this? There’s no doubt that student life can be challenging.

From completing and submitting assignments on time to finding and holding down a part time job, you’re bound to have a lot on your mind – and this can have a detrimental effect on your memory. Luckily, Student Digz is here with a wealth of handy memory tips to help you study and ace your next exam.

Go Outside

Fresh air and tranquil surroundings will help you to retain what you have learnt, especially if you muse over it while you take a walk. Exercise has been proven to boost your memory, too!

Draw Diagrams or Speak Out Loud

Most students study by writing their own notes. However, if you’re a more visual person, drawing diagrams and mind maps is a much more effective way in which to ensure you remember all of the information. If you’re a verbal person, it can also help to speak out loud as you study (just be mindful of your roomie, of course!)

Take Regular Breaks

When you’re tired or feeling overwhelmed, your brain is a lot less likely to remain focused. Experts recommend that students take a short, 20 minute break for every 45 minutes – an hour of revision that you do. You’ll notice a big increase in your concentration span (and general motivation) as a result.

Test Yourself

Create a mini practice exam for yourself to test how much information you can remember. This will give you a good idea of how much studying you still need to do before the actual examination. If you can get your hands on a few past papers, even better!

Eat Plenty of ‘Brain Food’

While there’s no miracle food that is going to instantly improve your memory, ensuring that you’re well-nourished will go a long way towards achieving this goal. The following foods have been shown to enhance brain health and functioning: blueberries, avocado, salmon, nuts, whole grains, beans and dark chocolate.

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