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You should know by now that LinkedIn is a fantastic networking and marketing tool, even if you’re still a student. You can also make meaningful connections on LinkedIn

One of the best things about LinkedIn is that it provides a place for you to showcase your skills and experience, and connect with colleagues and clients who can vouch for your skills. As a student, fellow students who you’ve collaborated with, work experience employers and even your professors make valuable LinkedIn connections.

We’ve posted many times about LinkedIn tips to grow your network, and now we want to delve into endorsements as a tool to strengthen your connections and show that your skills are genuine.

LinkedIn endorsements and recommendations

If you have a solid network of people who know and trust you on LinkedIn, you can ask them to endorse or recommend your work. This really adds legitimacy to your skills!

Endorsements and recommendations are similar, but slightly different.

Your connections can endorse the skills you list on your profile with a simple click.

Recommendations are a written testimonial that is posted to your profile. It requires more time and effort on the part of your connections, but it does hold more value than an endorsement.

Now, obviously, in an ideal world, you want as many recommendations as possible. However, endorsements are easier for your connections to provide, and still a great way to show people that your skills are legitimate.

How to get endorsements from your connections on LinkedIn

  1. List your skills

Sell yourself, listing your most important skills relevant to your industry first. This encourages people to endorse your best talents.

  1. Endorse other people

Endorse the skills of people you know well on LinkedIn, but obviously only if you are sure of their skills. Often, when you provide someone with an endorsement they will return the favour.

  1. Ask for endorsements

Ok, so you don’t want to come off as ‘begging’, however, if you have worked with a person on a particular project and it went well, there is nothing wrong with sending a personal message asking them to endorse your relevant skillset.

  1. Share your other social media on LinkedIn

If you have a business blog, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc… you can share this content to your LinkedIn too. Showing that you have a well rounded social presence makes you appear genuine and people are more likely to endorse your skills.

  1. Remember your business etiquette

Always say thank you for an endorsement, and if it is appropriate, return the favour! That’s just good manners and can go a long way to forming meaningful connections on LinkedIn.


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