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How to maintain a long-distance relationship while studying

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Have you and your partner been accepted to study at different universities? Perhaps you’re studying in Johannesburg and your partner in Cape Town, or you’re only a few hundred kilometres away. Whatever the case may be, maintaining a relationship in different cities is tough.

Here are a few tips to help you get by.

  1. Skype away! 

Skype is great for long distance relationships, and a great way of catching up when you’re not able to physically see each other.

Dedicate a few nights per week to “meet up” with your partner on Skype. Just remember, your schedules and availability may differ quite dramatically, so always communicate change of plans to your partner

  1. Don’t be scared to give some space 

In a long-distance relationship, keeping in touch is of the utmost importance. Texting your partner regularly is a great, non-intrusive way to keep up-to-date. It’s good to know what’s going on in each other’s lives, but don’t overdo it, or force the issue.

Give each other space and the “okay” to meet new friends and experience new things.

  1. Send a love parcel

There’s nothing more special than a surprise from your loved one. To keep the fire burning, surprise your partner with a cute delivery! Get a box and fill it with some of your partner’s favourite things.

This tradition can give you and your partner something to look forward to every now and again.

  1. Don’t let go of shared interests

Sharing similar interests while apart can help you feel connected, or give you something to talk about when the conversation dies down. Whatever it is, sport or a TV Show, shared interests can help you to continue doing the things you would normally do together, while you’re apart.

  1. Long distance Relationships

Last but not least – plan visits to each other 2-4 times a year, depending on finances. If you have your parents to help you financially, then you’re very lucky! If not, you may need to sacrifice a party or two in order to save up for a flight ticket.

Living the student life is special and a privilege. The journeys that lie ahead of you may not come around again very soon. So don’t let anything stop you from spreading your wings. If you and your partner can be on the same page before embarking on this adventure, then your relationship could see it to the end.

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