Love the Body you Have  

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There’s such a big emphasis in the media on certain types of shapes, sizes or looks that we often end up feeling if we’re not like that, we can’t possibly be attractive. In fact, true beauty is all about being the individual you are so your inner self can shine through. You can go about this in many different ways:

Find a look that works for you
Get rid of clothes that you don’t feel good in or that no longer fit you. Look for clothes that express who you are now in colours and cuts that suit you, and that are the size you are, not the size you think you should be.

Get to know your body by moving it
Our bodies are made to move so find out what movement your body likes best. Perhaps it’s dancing, whether in your room to your favourite song or in public at a club, or you could try a class in a style like rap, nia or zumba – all of which allow you express yourself quite freely. Alternatively you could take up kick-boxing or yoga, or simply take a walk in the park.

Change the way you think
Every time you find yourself thinking something like ‘I’m so fat/thin/ugly/not good enough, etc’, do something to interrupt that thought. Maybe snap your fingers, force a laugh, jump or make up some other ritual of your own. Then consciously replace that thought with a new one like ‘I’m beautiful and perfect as I am’ or ‘Thank you, body, for all you help me to do’.

Get on with your life
Rather than letting your worries about how you look make decisions for you, get out and do the things you want to do anyway. If you’re enjoying something, the people who matter are far more likely to notice the infectious vibe of your happiness than how you look.

Have fun with your body and you may even find that you start to appreciate it more. And the more you appreciate it, the more beautiful it will look to yourself and to others.

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