What to Look for in Student Accommodation

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Entering the years following high school is an adventure and whether you are in your first year of studies or a few years ahead, the journey will require dedication, ambition and motivation. Of course it is not all work when studying at university, there is a whole lot more to the story than that! Students have a great deal more to think about than just exams, tests and results. Student accommodation, funding and more will also be on your mind. As a student you are undoubtedly faced with the following considerations and challenges:

  • How will you pay for your studies? Will your parents be funding your studies or will you need to consider options for a student loan?
  • Where will you live? Do you live close enough to your chosen university or will you be looking for external accommodation?
  • How will you afford to socialise and chill with your friends? Will you be looking for part time work in the area to fund your entertainment and fun?

Many students find their accommodation options to be most exciting aspect of the process. Leaving home and becoming independent is exhilarating as you will be exposed to new found freedom and will get a real taste for what the world is about.

When considering your options you should have a checklist of things to look for in student accommodation which will help you to decide which of the options available to you are best suited to your needs, and of course your preferences.

The following should be on your accommodation checklist:

  • Is the accommodation option or student digs you are considering accredited for funding by NSFAS (National Student Financial Aid Scheme)? This provides for quite a great convenience.
  • Are the premises safe and secure? Some student accommodation venues offer biometric security access points to ensure that those on the premises are always authorised to be there.
  • Are the accommodation facilities quiet and comfortable for studying? Accommodation options that offer some rules and regulations can safeguard you from being a victim of a noisy or reckless study environment.
  • Will you have access to well equipped sports, social and wellness facilities and events? Are the facilities geared towards safe socialising and interaction with other like-minded people?

While you might be excited about the adventure, the parties, the friends and the freedom, it is important to remember that everything is about balance. While there are undoubtedly many weeks and months of fun ahead of you, taking the time to ensure that you have a suitable study and living environment is of utmost importance. Where can you find this type of student accommodation? Student Digz – where students simply dig their digz!

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