Lockdown Fashions That Are Here to Stay

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lockdown fashionsMost of us have spent a decent amount of time lounging around at home in an effort to save lives throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Unsurprisingly, this new way of life has sparked a number of fashion trends that are sure to stick around even after lockdown is lifted. Here are a few of our fave lockdown fashions that are here to stay.

Oversized boyfriend jackets

Jackets that are a tad too big for you and look like you’ve borrowed them from your boyfriend are huge overseas right now and are sure to be a must-have fashion essential during winter in South Africa in 2021, too. If you really want to nail the trend, opt for an oversized jacket with shoulder pads in a neutral colour and pair it with straight-leg pants.

Black face masks

Black face masks are a trend for a variety of reasons. Firstly, they are effortless to match with whatever outfit and colours you might be wearing. Secondly, they help to slim the face and ensure that your eye makeup really pops. If you want to add a bit of bling or stylish flair, you can also opt for a black face mask with a few sparkly embellishments or one that is made of silk for maximum elegance and sophistication.


The glamorous tracksuits from the 2000s are back with a bang and they are as comfortable as they are trendy. Plus, they are a great excuse to keep up with your at-home exercise regime! Experiment with vibrant colours for a daring aesthetic or tone it down with beige or charcoal.

Yellow accessories

Yellow is an uplifting colour that can take you from down and depressed to sunny and smiling in an instant. As such, there is no wonder why it is the colour of choice for accessories this year. Yellow handbags are especially popular (take it one step further and invest in a yellow handbag with fringe at the bottom for extra style points), as are yellow sunglasses and jewellery featuring yellow citrine gemstones.

Lockdown Fashions are Here to Stay

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