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LinkedIn and Your Career: Tips for Creating a Well-Rounded Profile

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Last month, we looked at the professional social media platform known as LinkedIn and gave you some insight into why it is so relevant for students and job seekers alike. This month, we provide you with some helpful advice in terms of creating a LinkedIn profile that is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

Pay Attention to Your Headline

The headline of your LinkedIn profile should provide people with a snapshot look into who you are both as a person and as a professional. Use verbs and adjectives to really make it shine but be careful not to add glare to your shine!

Choose the Right Profile Picture

While your trademark ‘duckface’ pose might look cool on your Facebook profile, you will definitely want to opt for something a little bit more professional for your profile picture on LinkedIn. A simple head and shoulders shot is ideal – and don’t be afraid to smile.

Include All Relevant Contact Information

This is of the utmost importance as it makes it possible for people to get hold of you should they have any available job opportunities for which they believe you would be suitable. If you’re not comfortable sharing your cellphone number, a current email address should suffice (just make sure your email address is appropriate – save your account for your friends!)

Emphasise Your Skills

Add all skills that you feel help you to stand out as a professional and ask your friends to endorse you for these skills on LinkedIn! The more endorsements you have, the more capable you will look.

Optimise Your Profile for SEO

By adding relevant key phrases to your profile, you increase your chances of being found before others within your industry or with similar skills to you. For example, if you want to work in the advertising industry, use key phrases such as ‘digital design specialist’, ‘copywriter’ or ‘professional content writing’ to get the attention of those who matter most.

Keep Updating!

Lastly, remember to update your profile regularly. If you have recently attended a course, include it in your list of qualifications. If you have started volunteering at a charity, list it in the ‘Causes You Care About’ section. The more, the better!

Stay LinkedIn on this one… next month, we will advise you on how to build and grow your LinkedIn network.

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